Why do I require professionals to draft my business plan?

Your prospective business and your authorization to work in the respective country is ultimately dependent  on a business plan that will clearly show to the immigration official reviewing your application, that you do have a business that is in fact viable and worthy of a favorable visa outcome. 

When keeping in mind that the business plan is the only way to judge whether the business or prospective business has what it takes to succeed and the factors included to show that it is worthwhile for a host country to grant such a visa, the importance of a professionally drafted business plan should become apparent. 

At IMM Business Plans, after one of our professional business planners has drafted your business plan, an immigration attorney and a Chartered Accountant will both review your plan and recommend changes based on their expertise to ensure that your chances of success is as high as it can be.

I have a business that is already operating in the United States, do I still require a business plan for my visa?

Well that depends on how long your business has been operating for and whether it is actually making a profit. If it has been operating for longer than a year and it is making a profit, or generating large revenues, then arguably, you may not require one as your financials speak for themselves. If however, it has been operating for a period of time and does not look viable, then you will likely need a business plan that is carefully crafted to ensure that the authorities can discern that you in fact do have a viable business.

I was given a quote by another company that is going to charge slightly less for a business plan than your company. Is it worth spending the extra money to use your company?

At IMM Business Plans, we use varied professionals throughout the whole process getting their input and expertise where it counts! These professionals are all in house and understand their individual roles with your business plan process. You will find that not many providers of similar services (if any at all) have the professionals and caliber of staff as we do, all under one roof, to handle all that your plans require. You might be spending slightly more, but this nominal payment is a tiny investment when you consider what your ultimate objective is. Our staff has the experience and the know-how from an immigration perspective to guide you in the right direction when it comes to your business plan.

Many people take the step of getting a business plan completed by a professional. Many of those same people take their plans to an immigration attorney to evaluate and critique their plan for them. Different professional firms equals extra expenses. Why not have all this done and more, with one company? 

At IMM Business Plans, your business plan will be carefully prepared from the perspective that an immigration official is looking for. Upon completion, one of our experienced immigration attorneys and a Chartered Accountant will both review and modify your plan to make sure that it fits within the framework that immigration officials are looking for. 

Put together, business plans created from IMM Business Plans have a much greater chance of getting visas approved.

Can you provide me with legal advice?

At this time, we are only limiting our services to creating immigration business plans and/or advising regarding the contents of that plan from an immigration perspective.


Help! I submitted my application to a US Consulate for an E-2 visa, and was told that my enterprise/business is marginal. Is there anything that can be done?

All is not lost! One of our immigration attorneys and Chartered Accountants will review your plan and give feedback to one of our business planners to help you modify your business plan or to provide further clarification in order to demonstrate that your business/enterprise, will not be marginal. Please send a copy of your the business plan to info@immbusinessplan.com along with your:

First Name:
Last Name:
E-mail contact:
Telephone (incl. country code):
Visa applying for:

or submit your information through our Review Business Plan form.

What are your fees?

Please submit your business plan through our New Business Plan or Review Business Plan forms. We will review and provide you with a price quotation as soon as possible.

How long will it take to get my business plan?

Because we provide a personalized service, upon receipt of your information and verified payment, one of our business planners will assess the information provided and contact you via e-mail to let you know how long the process should take for everything to be completed. It typically takes between one week and two weeks.

Why should I use your company?

Your business plan will be carefully prepared from the perspective of an immigration official that will be looking at your application and ultimately, your business plan. Upon completion, an experienced immigration attorney and chartered accountant will both review your plan and make changes to make sure that it fits within the framework that immigration officials are looking for.

Will I have some input for my business plan?

Of course! Please see our 5 Step Process.